YIN Yoga Teacher Training

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Yin Yoga is a subtle, deep and powerful approach to Yoga which simply means “Yin Yoga combines breathing and asana into a meditative, very deep opening and healing practice”. In this style most postures are floor postures and are held for a longer period of time like 3-5 minutes or more. In Yang style of yoga postures are held for 3-60 seconds or 4-5 breaths only and all the muscles are actively involved. Ashtanga yoga, vinyasa or hatha are the best examples of yang styles of yoga. While the yin yoga mainly affects the joints and the deep connective tissues. It is an individually adapted, slow and meditative asana practice combined with internal awareness. Asanas are practiced in a passive way with relaxed muscles. When we hold the pose for 3-5min then we reach into the deepest layers of our body working on the connective tissues, fasciae, ligaments, tendons and joints. Letting go, listening to your inner voice and connecting to your true nature is the key and goal.


This 3 weeks course is for all yoga practitioners. Prior knowledge and experience of any style of yoga will be helpful. The whole training Aspects we address are: anatomy, philosophy, teaching skills, intense Asana practice, using of props, variations and modifications in each Asana, motion analysis, meditation and breathing techniques.