Why everyone can’t practice yoga?

The numerous components of yoga make sure that every single person regardless of their health condition can practice Yoga. Despite this fact, everyone cannot practice it!! Practicing yoga does not only imply the act of doing asanas. Yoga enlightens your spirit and mind. It works for the wholesomeness of the body. So, read along to find out the reasons why everyone can’t practice yoga!

I may not be wrong if I say we are all different from each other but still, we are the same. All of us are made of flesh and blood. We all share the same organs that fill the cavity of our bodies and have a heart whose function is to pump blood to all these organs to keep us alive. Most importantly, what guides all these processes is our brain. We share the same planet, breathe in oxygen, follow a routine in life just so that we can give the best to our families and children. So when the essential components of life are all the same for us what makes us different from each there? The answer lies in the Yama and Niyamawhich are essential components of yoga. I am going to share five Yama (social ethics) and five niyama (personal ethics) that make us different from each other and have a crucial role in answering the question “Why everyone can’t practice Yoga?”

The five Yamas which teach you social ethics are:

  1. Ahimsa: Today the world is misguided to the extent that people resort to violence to feel superior. With ahimsa I imply getting rid of having the urge to hurt someone. It need not be only physical but can be emotionally too. Just remember that if we don’t hurt ourselves, then don’t hurt anyone!!
  2. Satyam: The act of speaking the truth. We are always tempted towards lying because we think that it makes things easy but it kills your moral value. Honesty, loyalty, and trust make the basis of humanity. So stick to it!
  3. Asteya: The cruel fact is everyone cannot get everything. So accept the fact and don’t make your life miserable over what you don’t have.
  4. Bramhacharya: Do not confine yourself to objects. Stop being materialistic. Look at the bigger picture, look within. Detach yourself from the worldly temptations and the world will fall at your feet. We need to understand that all these emotions, materialistic temptations are temporary. They don’t aim at giving you eternal happiness. So awaken yourself and look beyond to find the beauty of this life.
  5. Aparigraha: You know your worth so don’t fall for somebody’s appreciation or criticism for you.

The five Niyama that impart personal ethics are:

  1. Saucha (Cleanliness):One needs to clean the body not only externally but also internally which implies purifying your mind and heart of all the negative thoughts.
  2. Santosha (Happiness): Happiness lies within you. We are lost in this vast universe and hence we look for it outside in somebody or in something. Stop!! Look within you. Stop complicating things for yourself!
  3. Tapas: the act of feeling comfortable in uncomfortable situations. This implies that smile which you wear on your face when you are going through a hard time. That is just what is required to overcome hardships of life.
  4. Swadhyaya (Self-analysis): Self-analysis is important for improvement in your character and your mental progress. We grow physically with our age but it is important to attain wisdom as we climb the ladder of life.
  5. IshwaraParidhana: The act of surrendering to God. In tough situations remember that God, the supreme intelligence, is there to guide you through. You just need to give away yourself to Him without a slightest inch of doubt.

There are only a handful of people in this world who currently follow these five rules of Yama and Niyama. You could be one of them even if you learn to follow these rules to the best of your ability. There would definitely be some people who will not relate to these rules at all and find them not required to lead a peaceful life. They continue to live in a delusional world where temptations are everything. It is this difference among our perspectives and our personalities that decides who can practice yoga and who cannot hence giving us the reason why everyone cannot practice Yoga !!!

– Dr. Nidhi Khurana, Certified Yoga Trainer by Bodhi Yoga Academy


Yoga is not meant for you !!