What is your bait?  (tapas-1)

After heavy dinner, you set out for a small walk.

After a while, aroma of fresh fried pakoda savoured your nostrils.

  1. No impulse in your mind, though you like pakodas – you are a yogi
  2. You enjoyed the pleasant smell and remembered when you had it last time – you are viragi
  3. You planned to have it next day, because you are full now. – you are a bhogi
  4. You searched for that small cart shop, bought the pakoda immediately and ate it. – you are a ______.

This happens with many of us, because the wanting creates so much discomfort in us, we immediately want to get out of it, whatever may be the consequence. Wanting is really uncomfortable. Staying with the wanting for a little longer is Tapas.

What is Tapas? Being comfortable in uncomfortable situation is Tapas.

Pakoda is a bait for somebody. What is your bait?