Expand the Good Times

Are you feeling that life is dragging? and life is series of troubles only? then read this.

Time Scale for physical world/ physical body, conscious mind and subconscious mind are not same. Even modern science also accepts this. Normally we can not read the digits after decimal point in digital timer (0.1 Second resolution).  But, people while doing the bungy jump, they are able to read it clearly as if it is seconds scale, not one tenth of a second. i.e., time scale expanded about ten times. During accidents many people experience that the movements are just like slow motion picture. It is because of the takeover of subconscious mind.

When conscious mind is awake / alert, subconscious mind will be in rest. When conscious mind is in rest (sleep or unconscious), subconscious mind takes the charge. During the transition, one can experience time expansion, as above.

A quite interesting example was given by Master E.K. (founder of World Teacher Trust), in this regard.

A person, very lightly pricked his deep sleeping friend with a safety pin, to wake him up. Within the transition of deep sleep to wakefulness, (probably about half a second time), he had a dream. In that, he is chased by a tiger in a forest, running very fast, gasping, terrified and finally fell on a thorny bush. Feeling the pricks of hundreds of thorns, he shouted aloud Aa…. and woke up.

In our scriptures, celestial sage Narada had similar experience. Within the time of one holy dip, he had the experience of a whole life as a woman who married a king, be got many children and suffered the loss of them in a flood; in the dream

Many of us feel, time passing quickly in happy moments and very dragging in difficult moments. For wakeful mind also time scale differs depending on the situation and how we take it. There is no known limit for this time expansion factor for general public. [For lovers 1 yuga (1000s of years) = 1 Kshana ( a second) in union, and 1 kshana = 1 yuga in separation].

I now understood that players when they are in total attention, can see the movement of ball / opponent very clearly, just like we see it on slow motion replay. That means, with intense focus, time slows down (sometimes freezes).

In life, we are focusing more on negative experiences, making the life dragging. Those who live in present moment, don’t experience much difference in time factor for happy and sad moments. Shifting the focus onto positive moments will expand joyful time. But, how to shift the focus?  Focus on negative is effortless and focus on positive seems to be not in our control, because we habituated our mind like that. Now we have to reverse it step by step.

Start with food. Give your 100 % while eating food or drinking water. Chew well, feel the taste, feel the pleasantness in the stomach, savour every bit of it, every gulp of it. If you can start this, you will know what to do next, to make your life more joyful.